Paul Fontaine’s interest in metal work began with farrier work, which introduced him to the unlimited possibilities of forging metal.

Paul attended the Atlantic Farrier School in Nova Scotia where he learned how to make horseshoes and tools at the forge. There, he first experienced the magic of iron, coal, air and water brought to life by the blacksmith in the forge, upon the anvil, and under the hammer (the stuff of myth and legend).

“Forging metal has become a passion and a livelihood that has patterned my vision in life. I am thankful to God, for He gives me the strength and the ability to be part of this trade. It is humbling to think of the history of the craft of blacksmithing and to know that I am among those who are committed to preserving it”.

“My goal is to create works that bring to life all of the properties of metal that continue to fascinate and engage me”.

Paul combines the traditional techniques of blacksmithing with the use of modern equipment to produce ornamental ironwork for interior and exterior use. He has worked with architects, interior designers, contractors, and countless private individuals to create beautiful, custom ironwork.

“May the challenges of every day be faced with renewed creativity and that everything we do is to the glory of our God.”

>“So much to learn, so little time.”